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the piece i have been working on is on my other computer....
i might or might not be working on a piece ??
so hey there. i haven't been active in like three months, sorry about that. um im on twitter and tumblr more so yeah. um i actually will try and be more active, and maybe even draw?? idk but just came to say hi
1.) You must post these rules.
2.) Answer the ten questions the person who tagged you made and make up your own 10 questions for the people you tag to answer.
3.) Choose ten people and put their icons and/or username on this journal.
4.) Go to their pages and inform them that they have been tagged.
6.) You have to legitimately tag 10 people
7.) No tag-backs.
8.) Can't say, no tags.
9.) Everyone that has been TAGGED must make a journal entry.
10.) Go to the tagger's page and inform him/her that you've made a "Got Tagged" journal entry

i was tagged by ThePoeticTori

1. What's the hardest thing you've done in your life? 
i really don't know- maybe um fighting with my best friend? idk sobs
2. Name a person/persons you miss.
my friend but not name its really sad topic
3. What is something/somethings that currently makes you happy, or something in your past that made you happy? 
five seconds of summer
4. What would you change to make your life better ? It can be more than one thing.
to be better at math- that would make life so much easier-
5. What do you want for your future?
a musical career
6. If you had a baby girl/boy, what would be there names?
girl= aiden boy= finn
7. Who is or was the closest person to you? 
all my friends bc aww i love them
8. Describe your perfect day or perfect life.
meeting 5sos, and then seeing them preform again
9. If you could change your name, what would it be and why?
max because i love the sound of it <3
10. Describe what the most perfect thing that has happened to you, or you felt in life. 
meeting 5sos because they are my everything. its simple.

i tag everyone have fun
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Happy Birthday 
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Hi there! If you are getting this message its because i love you and your art. Anywhoozy i am hosting a total drama show here on deviantart and I'd like you to join BABEH! :D (Big Grin) The prize would be 30 points or something special. We only have 2 official members so please get on the total drama boat! choo choo.… your oc will travel the world on a boat doing challenges and having fun. challenges will be on weekends and will be artistic challenges catering to the place we are docking on. thank you have a SWIMMING day! for more info:…
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I tagged you in my journal
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:^(( Hi hon
How are you? 
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hello?you still alive?
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have seen my bunny
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